How Does Your Company Rank?

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There are more than 100 billion searches conducted online every month. More than half of all online customers (58 percent) first look for information about products or services by using a search engine. Only around 24 percent go directly to company websites, and about 18 percent ask around on social media.

Search engine optimization, or seo, helps websites to be listed near the top of the list that results from an internet search. Internet searches are often done on Google, and the results of the searches are often referred to as Google rankings or search engine rankings. It is important for businesses to pay attention to where their websites appear in the list of rankings. One study showed that when leads are generated through seo there is a 14.6 percent close rate, and the average close rate for outbound leads is only around 1.7 percent.

Google is very well known as a popular search engine. There are also some interesting, but little known, facts about Google. On February 29, 2009 Google sent its first tweet. It was a binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.” Instead of going with a more traditional land scaping service, the lawns at Google headqarters are mowed by goats. The goats are rented from a grazing company.

Internet Users Want Valuable Content, Not Just Sale Pitches

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Did you know that about eighty percent of online users do not pay attention to sponsored search engine results, instead relying on organic results? And out of these individuals, about forty percent will click on the highest ranking organic result. Very few people will go to the second page of results. All this information means that it is more important than ever that businesses invest in SEO internet marketing.

What does SEO stand for? Search engine optimization is the practice of editing and creating web content, web design, and social media marketing with the desired end result of improving site standing in search engine rankings. SEO companies basically employ a variety of techniques, and much of their strength rests in the creation of new and relevant content.

It is important to realize that people using search engines are impressed by a display of overall knowledge, and not just safe blurbs about what you promise to offer them. If people want an immigration lawyer, they want to see that you are posting about the latest immigration policies, not just puffing yourself up over the latest win or the fact that you will do your best to help them. They already know that, because it is what every lawyer says. In a way, people trust information more than they trust companies, which is why SEO internet marketing often focuses on creating blogs, articles, and blurbs with non biased informative content that also keeps key words and phrases in mind. Informative and free content can make you stand out from the crowd and appeal to consumers, while raising your ranking besides.

What should you not do for internet marketing when it comes to SEO techniques? Black hat internet marketing is now on the way out. This refers to the process of keyword dumping and invisible text that attempts to artificially raise search ranks without actually providing any sort of content or relevancy. The latest google algorithm update, however, known as Panda, actively punishes any sites it finds using these methods. In other words, not only are they often ineffective, but using them can hurt your internet marketing campaign more than doing nothing at all.