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Is Your Business Doing All It Can for Effective Web Marketing?

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Would it surprise you to know that Google began its meteoric rise to the throne of the internet way back in 1998? At that time, internet marketing was an entirely different beast. Google had just gone public with its search engine, formerly known as BackRub, that would revolutionize the way online marketing would be done for the following decades.

It was not Google’s famous doodles that made its search service so great. In 1998, the company released its first doodle, depicting the Burning Man festival. This was meant to show that co-founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page were attending the famous Nevada festival. Yes, that was creative, but it is their ingenious PageRank algorithm that led to

Affordable Small Business Website Packages

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Did you know that internet users around the globe conduct upwards of one billion Google searches daily? According to the statistics, if they are not Googling, they apparently tweeting and Facebooking to the tune of 250 million tweets and 800 million status updates per day. A big reason for such pervasive social media use is the increasing proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices.

Looking at the above statistics, businesses should be licking their chops when thinking about the marketing potential that exists on the Web. In fact, nearly 90 percent of internet marketers consider the current trend in mobile devices to be significant for marketing purposes. When you consider that 62% of Americans now use smartphones, it is all but impossible to debate their assessments.

When it comes to leading a small start up business, statistics show that the odds are stacked against you. Therefore, new business owners must be aggressive enough to increase the pubic profiles of their bus