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How much do you know about Google, other than it is considered the leading search engine on the Internet? You often read about Google and other current SEO news on all kinds of sites, but you may not know about the goats.

When you see the manicured lawns of the headquarters of Google, you probably think that they have a regular lawn maintenance company or crew that takes care of mowing the lawn. But you would be incorrect. The company uses goats rented from a local grazing company to chow down on that grass. Pretty interesting, right?

But goats aside, SEO and SEO news plays a big role to any business with a website. Approximately 92 percent of adults online in the U.S. indicate that they do at least one search per day. And, it is a pretty good assumption that they use Google as their search engine since Google receives between 65 and 70 percent of the search engine marketing. So you can see why it is important to get your website high up on those page rankings from this search company.

SEO news and statistics show that more than half, or about 58 percent of consumers will start researching a service or product by doing a search on a search engine. This is a much higher rate that those who visit company websites with a 24 percent rank, and the 18 percent who inquire via social media platforms. You can find more about these stats at an SEO news site to further understand the ins and outs of how users use search engines.

It should be pointed out that SEO news sources also state that leads generated through search engine optimization have a close rate of 14.6 percent. Traditional outboard leads only average a small 1.7 percent rate

As a company owner or manager, you should keep your eye on SEO news that can affect your profit statement. You can learn through SEO news that Internet marketing efforts can boost your rankings. SEO news will also guide you to having the best website possible that your visitors will enjoy using. This includes have a site that is optimized for the mobile device user.

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