The Connection Between Goats and Google in SEO News

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How much do you know about Google, other than it is considered the leading search engine on the Internet? You often read about Google and other current SEO news on all kinds of sites, but you may not know about the goats.

When you see the manicured lawns of the headquarters of Google, you probably think that they have a regular lawn maintenance company or crew that takes care of mowing the lawn. But you would be incorrect. The company uses goats rented from a local grazing company to chow down on that grass. Pretty interesting, right?

But goats aside, SEO and SEO news plays a big role to any business with a website. Approximately 92 percent of adults online in the U.S. indicate that they do at least one search per day. And, it is a pretty good assumption that they use Google as their search engine since Google r

Four Facts About the History of Google and the Importance of Search Engine Optimization

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Did you know that more than half of consumers begin their research of a product or service by utilizing a search engine rather than visiting the website of the company or inquiring through social media? Online marketing has become one of the more important aspects of business in the past few decades. One of the most effective means of internet marketing is SEO or search engine optimization. This is the process by which companies and websites use techniques to make their website appear higher up i

Save Money And Get Better Results With SEO Markteting

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Search engine rankings

SEO marketing services are important to use because online marketing is becoming one of the prime methods of advertising. Search engine users choose organic results over sponsored links between seventy and eighty percent of the time.

SEO marketing which can benefit any company are also cost effective. So, not only is the company saving money by paying considerably less for advertising, it is also getting more traffic online and possibly bringing in more business. Cold calling, for example, costs more than SEO marketing which can cost sixty one percent less.

By taking advantage of SEO marketing business owners and companies will be able to utilize the internet and its resources. Google is one of the worlds most popular internet search engines and the search engine rankings are taken seriously, on that website. A majority of people using search engines are using Google.

Search engines are a very popular way to get information through the internet. Over ninety percent of adults online in the United States performs at least one search per day. Because of this fact, alone, businesses should be considering a more internet oriented form of advertising.

SEO marketing is important to do in an organic way instead of cutting corners. Search engine users choose organic results over sponsored links between seventy and eighty percent of the time. By utilizing internet marketing SEO companies can help businesses can more traffic on their websites in an original and organic way.

According to B2B marketers, SEO has the largest influence on their lead generation. By using online marketing SEO companies can now reach people through their tablets and smart phones. Over seventy million people shop via mobile device as of 2012. By keeping in mind that forty eight percent of people use their mobile device to look up product reviews, one can comprehend that marketing for SEO companies can be an effective marketing strategy for businesses.

The Use of Search Engines in Every Element of Our Lives

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Internet marketing

When asked through a survey, 57 percent of business to business marketers said that search engine optimization had a dramatic impact, most notably the highest amount of influence, on generating leads for them. This is pretty interesting stuff, considering marketers have utilized myriad tools over the years to draw in leads and none have been so singularly effective as SEO has been since it was developed. This should serve as no surprise to marketers, though, or to anyone else in the business world who has ever heard of SEO. Everyone today uses search engines, and SEO makes companies appear more prominently in these search engines. So it is really a match made in heaven.

Think of Google rankings as an example. This search site is largely responsible for many of the buying and selling decisions made today in the online world. The higher a search engine ranking is for a company, the higher the chances the more people will get to see that company and the more likely they are to click on that organic ranking. About 70 percent to 80 percent of people who surf the web today will not even look at sponsored results but instead will rely solely on these organic results provided by these search engines, with about 42 percent clicking on the first result that appears, so it makes obvious sense. Google has been a powerhouse since it was still in its infancy as a research project, where its founders would store hard drives for the infamous algorithm PageRank in LEGO blocks, so again it makes perfect sense that the company would lead the world in search engines.

The company and other major search engines are looking ahead to the future too, as they always are. They consistently look for key areas where they can branch out and explore new territory before the need is there, like with mobile usage of the Internet. Before it was as hot as it is today, and before researchers estimated that it will overtake Internet usage on computer desktops by next year, Google and other big search engines were exploring how they could make their search engines more compatible with smart phones. So right now, they are looking with one eye toward the future as they continue to lead the Internet revolution into an even easier way of buying, selling, trading, and getting more information all with a few clicks of a mouse.