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True, we are all searching for something. The meaning of life. A spouse. A new apartment. How to get red wine stains out of the carpet. A cat.

We can all find what we are looking for via online search engines. But if you are the one looking to get found, search results can often be an intimidating wall to bust through. One great service to remember is search engine optimization, or SEO, which helps build any site through strategic marketing and strong, keyword-driven content. But more on that later. Here are five facts to keep in mind for any online search.

1. The first page of any Internet search engine results is paramount. Nearly three-quarters of search users never even get to the second page. They find what they need on the first, or find whatever suits their needs best that also will not require any further time spent looking. Getting your site high in the Google rankings can mean the difference between staying buried and seeing the light.

2. Seo marketing takes precedence when considering that 42 percent of all Internet search users click on the top-ranking result. This is not any paid ad, either. This is the top organic result. Getting noticed at the top of the page helps drive your site traffic more effectively than paid ads.

3. Over 70 million users now shop online via their smartphone or tablet devices. This is a mega-important fact to consider because you can tell how future e-commerce will continue to grow until it essentially becomes the main factor that drives sales in the retail industry. Remote access is the wave of the future.

4. Of these smartphone shoppers, nearly half say they use these devices to look up product reviews or seek promotions. This is huge for businesses to understand that the typical modern consumer is perpetually on the go, looking for quick, relevant results when they want them. Businesses can utilize this info and help shape those decisions by seeking the best search results for their pages.

5. An even greater number of mobile users, 65 percent, say they rely on their devices to find local businesses to make purchases. That means that local is the name of the game when it comes to creating enough SEO content to get noticed. Local businesses can use this optimization to help swing the pendulum back their way.

Whether you are a searcher or a company waiting to get found, search engines truly are your best friend. It takes a lot to get noticed, but it takes minimal effort to find something relevant. Be relevant and see how quickly you get discovered.

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  1. Joel Simmons

    SEO truly can revolutionize your business because it helps you stand out among the million other pages competing against yours to do what you do.

  2. Derek Hardy

    SEO truly can revolutionize your business because it helps you stand out among the million other pages competing against yours to do what you do.

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