When trying to promote themselves and gain exposure, businesses must keep up on all of the latest methods of marketing. Most businesses are well aware that due to the heavy reliance on the Internet and technology in general today, online marketing has become the number one way to market a business. A particularly successful method of online marketing is the strategy of search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Knowing the most up to date SEO news through examining Seo reporting can help a business decide the best strategies that can lead them to success.

SEO news can provide recent statistics for businesses such as studies showing that 92 percent of adult Internet users perform at least one online search per day. Of all the online search engine market share, Google receives between 65 and 70 percent. This makes Google rankings very prestigious to businesses as it is their best opportunity to be seen by potential leads.

The algorithm process used by Google is known as the PageRank, which was named after Google co founder, Larry Page. Back when Google was still a research project and the co founders were testing the PageRank algorithm, they built a storage compartment out of LEGO bricks for the 10 4GB hard drives that were being used for the process. In 1998, the first Google doodle was made, which depicted the Burning Man. This was intended to be an out of office manner of letting people know that the Google co founders were at the festival in Nevada.

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