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Would it surprise you to know that Google began its meteoric rise to the throne of the internet way back in 1998? At that time, internet marketing was an entirely different beast. Google had just gone public with its search engine, formerly known as BackRub, that would revolutionize the way online marketing would be done for the following decades.

It was not Google’s famous doodles that made its search service so great. In 1998, the company released its first doodle, depicting the Burning Man festival. This was meant to show that co-founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page were attending the famous Nevada festival. Yes, that was creative, but it is their ingenious PageRank algorithm that led to the importance of SEO marketing in the modern age.

To put it simply, Google’s early software engineering led to search engines being a place for making people aware of your brand while growing your traffic and potential revenue. To this day, if companies are not implementing appropriate SEO tools, they are likely to do far worse than their competitors who are.

If you lack the ability to implement SEO tools properly, here are four ways turning to a SEO company can retool your marketing for success.

  • Almost All Americans Use a Search Engine Once a Day
  • 92% of American adults using the web use search engines at least once a day. 58% of online consumers begin looking for a quality product or service using a search engine. Comparatively, only 24% and 18%, respectively, visit websites and social media platforms to begin their research. The proper SEO tools make sure your business is noticed in search engine results.

  • SEO Equals Lead Conversion
  • Did you know that SEO generates many times the closed lead rates of direct marketing methods, like email marketing? For this reason, 57% of B2B marketers admit that SEO has the biggest effect on generating leads. As you well know, this is a crucial part of increasing your revenue.

  • Mobile Focus is the Key to Success
  • According to Forbes, there are now more mobile devices on the planet than people. Why? People want to watch their favorite videos, read their favorite content, and shop with their favorite businesses wherever they are. Consider, 65% of mobile internet users rely on their mobile devices to find local businesses and make a purchase. Are you using SEO tools properly to take advantage of mobile use?

  • SEO is a Never-ending Process
  • The thing all businesses need to realize is that if they have no time for SEO now, then they are not likely to for some time. After all, SEO is not a one time process. You do not publish one piece of content, optimize it, and hope that it will continue to generate traffic and revenue for your business. SEO is about constant creation of quality content that is optimized for all web users.

As you can see, effectively using SEO tools is the key to your success on the web in many ways. You need to be noticed in search results and you need to gain access to the mobile market through an ongoing SEO campaign. Only then can you take advantage of improved lead conversion and increased revenue.

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