Investing in Quality SEO Is Essential in Today’s Business World

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When it comes to Internet marketing, using SEO–or search engine optimization–is absolutely essential for small business in order to be more visible to prospective customers who would be interested in your products and services.

Beyond basic SEO practices, there are specific trends in online marketing that you should be aware of so that you can maximize your generation of leads. Firstly, rather than investing in paid advertisements, also known as sponsored ads that operate via a pay-per-click model, you should utilize organic SEO, which is 25% more effective in generating sales and solid leads.

In order to make the most of your natural SEO efforts, it helps to have as many pages on your website as possible, which can then be indexed and regis

How Search Engines Have a Huge Impact on Internet Marketing

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Today, one of the most important ways companies are marketing themselves is online. Online marketing is constantly evolving and many marketers are still trying to figure out how to harness the potential of the internet. While most people are familiar with internet marketing through paid pay per click ads, one of biggest ways marketers are using the internet now is through search engines.

Search engines, like Google, are important to marketers for a number of reasons. First, search engine sites typically receive a lot of traffic. Google, for example, is the most visited website in the world. Second, search engines are the most popular tool that people

Is Your Business Doing All It Can for Effective Web Marketing?

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Would it surprise you to know that Google began its meteoric rise to the throne of the internet way back in 1998? At that time, internet marketing was an entirely different beast. Google had just gone public with its search engine, formerly known as BackRub, that would revolutionize the way online marketing would be done for the following decades.

It was not Google’s famous doodles that made its search service so great. In 1998, the company released its first doodle, depicting the Burning Man festival. This was meant to show that co-founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page were attending the famous Nevada festival. Yes, that was creative, but it is their ingenious PageRank algorithm that led to

How Does Your Company Rank?

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There are more than 100 billion searches conducted online every month. More than half of all online customers (58 percent) first look for information about products or services by using a search engine. Only around 24 percent go directly to company websites, and about 18 percent ask around on social media.

Search engine optimization, or seo, helps websites to be listed near the top of the list that results from an internet search. Internet searches are often done on Google, and the results of the searches are often referred to as Google rankings or search engine rankings. It is important for businesses to pay attention to where their websites appear in the list of rankings. One study showed that when leads are generated through seo there is a 14.6 percent close rate, and the average close rate for outbound leads is only around 1.7 percent.

Google is very well known as a popular search engine. There are also some interesting, but little known, facts about Google. On February 29, 2009 Google sent its first tweet. It was a binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.” Instead of going with a more traditional land scaping service, the lawns at Google headqarters are mowed by goats. The goats are rented from a grazing company.