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Three Things Small Businesses Should be Expecting From SEO Packages

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Did you know that 93 percent of experiences online begin with a search engine? Along with email, search engines are one of the most used applications on the entire internet. It is easy to see why businesses want to rank well in Google search results, which give users over a billion answers every single day.

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps to accomplish this. However, SEO can be difficult for small businesses to perform successfully, since it usually requires an investment of time, money, and web infrastructure. These businesses often outsource to SEO companies. If you are planning to outsource, what should you look for in a good SEO package?

1. Quality content

SEO concentrates primarily on producing interesting, engaging content in the form of articles, blogs, and infographics that incorporate keywords relevant to website products and services. Did you know that blog posts increase pages for search indexing by over 400 percent? If you are outsourcing your SEO needs, you n