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Seo marketing

With over 100 billion world wide searches are conducted on search engines each month, it is important to stay up on seo news and information. Quickly, a low down on what seo is. Seo stands for search engine optimization, and it is the techniques and strategies that help a business or company with their search engine rankings. A higher search engine ranking means more online visitors that will see that businesses page, because they will be listed higher on a search engine, like google or yahoo. When a business is listed higher on a search engine, it helps to maintain and bring in new customers, which is always beneficial for any business.

More than half, close to fifty eight percent, of consumers start their search for a service or product by using one of the various search engines out there, which is much higher than the people who visit the company website directly or search via directly by social media platforms. 42 percent of those searchers click on the top ranking organic result. In order for a company to stay on top of being top ranked, companies need to be up to date on seo news and strategies.

A technique or strategy that is important concerning seo news is the high use of smartphones and tablets over desktop or laptop internet usage. Companies and businesses need to stay on top of having their sites being tablet and smartphone friendly and usable for consumers. Almost half of those that are using smartphones say that they look up service and product reviews or look for promotions using their mobile devices.

Seo news is accessible to just about anyone on the web, and businesses are able to learn the best way to boost their search engine rankings to benefit their profits more through seo tools like marketing and web design.