As a small business, you probably realize the importance of implementing SEO for local searches. If you need reminding, remember that billions of searches go through Google every week, and about 20% of those searches are for local products and services. If your web advertising does not including ranking high in search results for keywords, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars worth of business.

There are several routes small businesses can take for SEO, including DIY, agencies, and freelancers, but today we are going to mostly discuss how to find quality SEO packages for small businesses. So, what should you expect?

1. Great Ranking

This should be obvious, but is a point many beginners miss. You are trying to invest in SEO so that you can get a higher search rank. So why would you click on an SEO company offering SEO packages that you found through the paid ads on the side of Google? Make sure a company practices what they preach and ranks high in organic search results.

2. Be Wary of Outlandish Promises

Remember what your mother told you…if it seems like too good of a deal, it probably is. Although you can certainly find great, affordable small business SEO packages, be very wary of any company that makes guarantees right off the bat. No one can promise you the number one ranking, especially if they do not yet know your website or your industry. Similarly, expect to pay close to the industry standard for whatever volume of services you want. A package offering 300 links for $50 is probably not engaging in quality link building and might even get you penalized by Google.

3. A Solid Reputation

In the age of the internet, you should never have to wonder whether the company you are thinking of investing in is reputable. All you need to do is fire up Google and read reviews to figure out whether other customers were satisfied with the SEO packages they paid for. A quality SEO company will also not rely on you to simply trust that they are creating a great campaign. Many, for example, will give you a dashboard that offers feedback on how well their link building is working for your keywords and site rank.

What are your thoughts on picking a quality SEO package? Let us know in the comments!

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