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Three Things You Should Expect from a Great Small Business SEO Package

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As a small business, you probably realize the importance of implementing SEO for local searches. If you need reminding, remember that billions of searches go through Google every week, and about 20% of those searches are for local products and services. If your web advertising does not including ranking high in search results for keywords, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars worth of business.

There are several routes small businesses can take for SEO, including DIY, agencies, and freelancers, but today we are going to mostly discuss how to find quality SEO packages for small businesses. So, what should you expect?

1. Great Ranking

This should be obvious, but is a point many beginners miss. You are trying to invest in SEO so that you can get a higher search rank. So why would you click on an SEO company offering SEO packages that you found through the paid ads on the side of Google? Make sure a company practices what they preach and ranks high in organi